Sober Living Program

Assistance to Tucson's homeless men

About A New Hope for Tucson

Life is never without challenge.
By giving a hand up—not a handout—our goal is to impart to our clients that they can change the quality of their own problems.

Donate Program Apply

12-step based program

On-site or in the community

Support for Addictions

Meetings are available for Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, AlAnon.


90-day residential

Supportive groups

More is Better

Longer programs have better outcomes and less chance of relapse as clients gain coping tools for daily living.


Convenient location

Central Tucson

A New Hope for Life

Set in a local neighborhood, clients are walking distance to shopping, 12-step meetings, medical centers, and bus routes.


All-inclusive support

From job training to self-sufficience

Access to Low-Income Assistance

When needed, we aid our clients in getting food stamps, bus passes, and healthcare.


We welcome you to the A New Hope for Tucson family, a non-profit organization that is made possible through public support and private grants to provide new hope for Tucson's homeless men.

A New Hope for Tucson, founded in 2007, gives men a foundation for living a healthy life of optimism.

Within our website, you will find information for the public and media, and resources for our supporters, men who choose to enter our program, and those who choose to remain homeless.

Thank you for your interest in A New Hope for Tucson. We look forward to hearing your comments and questions.

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