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The staff of A New Hope for Tucson Foundation, Inc. and the clients served in its transitional living program express their sincere gratitude and appreciation to or non-profit and corporate sponsors for enabling the Foundation to change lives and serve our community through their generous support:

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Thanks to grants from the Sundt Foundation thirteen of our clients were able to complete their secondary education and two Clients graduated from the University of Arizona, one with an AA and the other a BS. Without the continued support of the Sundt Foundation this could have never been accomplished.

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The Foundation provides the basics and some amenities:

  • Food - we have donations and buy fresh groceries, or residents can store their own; each resident prepares his own meals and cleans up after himself
  • Clothing - received through donations, clothing is available
  • Bus-Passes - available
  • Work-Boots/Tools -

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A New Hope for Tucson Foundation, Inc. ("The Foundation") is a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity serving southern Arizona. We provide room and board to homeless adult men.

Our programs offer special consideration to those recovering from addiction or behavioral issues and returning to society after incarceration. The Foundation works closely our residents' referring agencies, case-workers, and probation-officers. We wish to enable our residents to return to the Tucson community as productive, self-sustaining members by offering them a structured, sober living environment while they find gainful employment, fellowship, and healing.

Latest (but not recent) News: We were on the Radio!

On December 6, 2011, the local National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate of Arizona Public Media (APM), KUAZ-FM - 89.1 FM Tucson, AZ included in its broadcast excerpts from an interview with our CEO, Jeff Lopez, during coverage of "Operation Deep Freeze." As temperatures drop the homeless come out of the desert seeking shelter in town. Mr. Lopez said that the Foundation's facilities are operating at capacity and is in need of donations such as food and warm clothing or cash. He also pointed out that any donations are tax-deductible.

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Why We Do It

The Foundation depends on volunteers and benefactors for all areas of operation and sustainment. While we charge our residents a nominal fee, it's intended as an incentive to seek income-generating work. All members of our staff, the board of directors, and other helpers donate their time and apply their particular energy and skills to making the Foundation work.

Some of us may relate to those we reach out to, others would otherwise never know about their plight. So we share the experience, strength, and hope that made us who we individually are today and share our time and resources with those still challenged. Life is never without challenge, what we hope to impart is that you can change the quality of your problems.

>The following resources are available to our residents:

  • Sober-Living Program - suggested 90 days with 30 meetings in 30 days
  • On-Site 12-Step Meetings - AA, NA
  • GED-Preparation - assistance to residents to earn a high-school diploma equivalent